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Why didn’t Anyone Tell Me Cons Were So Much Fun?

I just got home from my first day of my first con and WOW what a rush! I can’t believe I have waited until my age, which no I will not tell you, to go to a con! Why didn’t anyone ever tell me how much fun they were?

So I am at ConBravo, which is in Hamilton. It isn’t Comic Con by any means, but it is busy enough to give me a real taste of the madness. These are some seriously creative and nice people. I have been to many a mass event where the participants were grumpy and mean but here everyone was in a good mood. It didn’t matter how long the line or how big the crowd everyone was your friend. Are they always like this? I am still just gobsmacked.

Then there were the costumes. My virtual hat is off to all of the people who have the time, energy and creativity to put together these outfits. I was having so much fun just people watching and seeing how many costumes I could recognize. I think I could spend a whole day just watching the Pokemon go by.

I will have more about some of the specific panels soon. I especially want to talk about The Games for Good initiative that James Portnow has created, but right now I am too tired and too scattered to be anything approaching intelligible. Good night everyone, my bed sounds very good right now.